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The owners of AloeTech Inc. have strong ties to the community, both born and raised in the town of Huntington and believe strongly in giving back to their community.
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AloeTech offers a scholarship every year to one Huntington High School student who is pursuing a career in the automotive field. 

2018's recipient was Jose Quintanilla Rodriguez.

2019's recipient was James Crungnale.

In February of 2013, Franco Aloe assisted with the Cold Spring Harbor fire department on a fire call of dying man in distress.  He put his best efforts in to help with the situation at hand. Later, he was awarded with a plaque for his efforts, from the Chief of the Fire Department.

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Franco & Lauralynn Aloe with Father Joe of
St. Hugh Church

Laura Aloe is a fourth generation member and Vice President of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Society in the St. Hugh Parish. 


Since 2016, Laura Aloe has been an active board member of TriCYA of Huntington, a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting youth and their families in the community.

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Their children have been a part of multiple fundraisers, the latest being St. Baldricks , in which the family raised over $550.00 to help in finding cures for childhood cancers.

In March 2013, AloeTech held a fundraiser, the company successfully raised money for The Wounded Project and continues to contribute money to this charity. Woundedwarriorproject.org

In May of 2013, the Aloe family donated the perennial flower garden in front of Washington Primary Elementary School

In October 2013 the Aloe family participated in a fundraiser Victoria's Love Children's Foundation.


"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy here in Huntington," said Chad Lupinacci, New York State Assemblyman. "The men and women who put in the hard work everyday help provide our community with skilled resources and quality service. I am excited to welcome AloeTech to our community and look forward to working with them for years to come."

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Owners Franco & Lauralynn Aloe
with Suffolk County Legislator Dr. William Spencer

"Small businesses such as AloeTech Inc. are the backbone of our local economy and anchors of our community," stated County Legislator William Spencer. "The more support and encouragement we can give families like these, the more we all flourish in the years to come. I wish them much luck and success in the future."

This year, AloeTech will be working together with Legislator Dr. William Spencer in the "Lead By Example" program, providing an opportunity for eager and enthusiastic young adults looking for skill-building.

New York State Senator Chuck Schumer with Franco Aloe


From Left
Jon Ten Haagen Member of Chambers Board of Directors, Ed Perez of Long Island Hispanic Business Round Table, Father Joe Granata of St. Hugh Church, AloeTech Owners Franco andLauralynn Aloe, Susan Berland Huntington Councilwoman, A Supporter, Chad Lupinacci State Assemblyman, Ellen O'Brien Chamber Executive Director, Linda Mitchell Membership Services Director

Franco and Laura Aloe
are both members of the 
Huntington Chamber of Commerce.

In October 2013, the Aloe family donated their Halloween candy to the troops overseas.


The Aloe Family


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