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Let us save you money by eliminating wasted time!

Smoke Machine: Our smoke machine has the ability to pinpoint any leak (oil, coolant, EGR, vacuum or water) quickly and effectively.

Computerized A/C Machine: for recovery, recycling, evacuating and recharging your vehicles A/C system. Our new equipment gives us the ability to accurately service and measure freon to your vehicles specifications.

TPMS Tool: tire pressure monitoring system is an electronic system for monitoring the air pressure in a vehicle tire and automatically transmitting a warning on your vehicles dashboard in the event of an under or over inflated tire. This tool can quickly detect a faulty sensor or reprogram your tire sensor.

Hand Held Diagnostic Scan Tool: Plugs directly into your vehicles computer system to help diagnose check engine lights. It also displays all related technical service bulletins and safety recalls for your specific vehicle.

Digital Battery Tester: a simple one minute test will give us the ability to see your battery starting and charging test and give you a printed copy of the report.

Video Borescope: gives our technicians the ability with a flexible miniature camera to look directly into your vehicles engine to check for damage or debris.

New Heavy Duty Tire Machine: Can handle up to 50" tires, including run flats.

Wheel Balancer: A wobbling or hop when driving can be due to a unbalanced tire, sometimes at higher speeds a shake in the steering wheel can be felt. Proper wheel balancing will provide a smoother ride and extend the life of your tires.

Pro-cut on car digital brake lathe: We exclusively offer Procut on car brake lathes, for the best brake jobs & rotor matching in the business. A brake lathe uses a specialized tool to cut away the old surface, leaving a nice, smooth surface for better braking.

Computer (ECM) J2534 Reflasher: All Vehicles today are equiped with ECM's - Engine control modules, Similar to new cellular phone or a PC, A vehicles computer systems needs to be occasionally updated.

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